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Update fra Central Military Support Command

25-03-2020 07:05:00 - Niels H. Frank, FO & Koordinator

Dear co-organizers,

Now that COVID-19 is the main topic of interest in many countries, we fully understand any anxiety regarding this year’s 4 Days Marches in Nijmegen. Questions have understandably been asked already by some delegation countries. The Central Military Support Command (CMSC) is not the organizer of the 4 Days Marches in Nijmegen. Also we don’t have all the answers yet. For now, we as CMSC keep preparing the event as usual while hoping for the best. A lot will depend on the way the crisis will evolve in the Netherlands.

Not later than May 1st, 2020 our Army staff will decide whether Camp Heumensoord and CMSC support can be organized or not.
This will be based on the military perspective and capabilities at that moment with a reasonable timeline for setting up the camp. This may also have more far-reaching effects for the event itself, because the civil organizers are partly dependent on our contributions. If our bridging and medical capabilities are unavailable or not guaranteed, that might be a no-go for the organization and the municipality of Nijmegen. The civil authorities and the 4 Days Marches Foundation have a separate and different decision-making process. We keep them informed about our possibilities, but they make the final decision. The only information we have now is that this decision is not due soon and no date has been given.

Our Army staff has decided that the fees participants pay for food and lodging at Camp Heumensoord will be paid back in full in case the marches and/or Camp Heumensoord are cancelled. It is up to the 4 Days Marches Foundation what they do with the registration fees. We hope this information helps you in your decision-making process. CMSC as well as the 4 Days Marches Foundation will do our best to come back to you with more clarity as soon as possible.

Stay safe!

Commander Central Military Support Command

Lieutenant colonel John Haasnoot

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